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Leadership. Service. Excellence. A Valpo Tradition.

Valparaiso University President Mark A. Heckler, Ph.D., discusses how Valpo’s rigorous online degree programs and unique values-based leadership principles prepare students to pursue professional and personal fulfillment.

By Bisk


Greetings from Valparaiso University! My name is Mark Heckler, President of Valparaiso University, and I want to commend you for considering one of Valpo’s University’s distinctive online programs.

Valparaiso University provides an intellectually rigorous, innovative education, which is grounded in the arts and sciences, and integrates liberal education and professional studies. Valpo’s Lutheran tradition of freedom and faith allows the University to integrate dimensions of life and identity that are often viewed as separate: the professional self and the personal self.

Our exceptional, market-driven programs prepare students to excel in the workplace and thrive in their chosen vocation, and we’re excited to expand our online degree programs as we strive to prepare thoughtful graduates who lead and serve throughout the United States and around the world.

Thank you for considering Valparaiso University’s online programs to further enrich your career and enhance your leadership skills. We look forward to being an integral part of your success—in the classroom in the workplace, and in life.

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