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MSHCA - Strategic Leadership Degree Online

MSHCA - Leadership
MSHCA - Leadership

The healthcare enterprise is undergoing transformation, and you can help drive the change. A specialization in strategic leadership will provide you with the opportunity to attain the skills and knowledge necessary to formulate sound, creative solutions to complex problems in the healthcare system. This specialization is particularly recommended for students who are interested in highly responsible careers as either managers of healthcare organizations or administrators for public or private organizations involved in the financing, delivery or evaluation of healthcare services.

What You’ll Learn

This specialization develops professionals who understand how to manage healthcare institutions and health policy with a focus on finance, delivery or evaluation of healthcare services. Students also will be provided the opportunity to gain knowledge of legal policy as it relates to the medical field.

Students will learn how to:

  • Adapt to changes in laws, regulations and technology
  • Formulate sound, creative solutions to complex problems relating to healthcare issues
  • Apply leadership skills to help implement creative solutions
  • Understand the breadth of issues related to healthcare management and policy
  • Comprehend legal and ethical issues in the delivery of healthcare services
  • Collect, manage, and interpret data/information relevant to the delivery of efficient and effective healthcare services
  • Navigate the relationship between healthcare administration and broader issues related to best practices in business and resource management
  • Apply specific skills related to managing healthcare projects and evaluate the impact of these projects and programs
  • Articulate information relevant to the field of healthcare administration through writing of position papers, case studies, and in-depth analyses

Where Your Degree Can Take You

Upon completing the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration: Strategic Leadership, you will have the knowledge needed to pursue management-level positions such as:

  • Director of Health Maintenance Organization
  • Regional Manager of Multi-Hospital System
  • Director of Strategic Planning
  • Director of Hospital Outpatient Department
  • Coding Medical Policy Analyst
  • Director of Family Health Center
  • Community Healthcare Organizer
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Public Policy Director
  • Executive Director of Health Systems Agencies
  • Medical Care Administrator
  • Public Health Program Chief
  • Manager of Health Promotion
  • Health Facilities Planner

See Student Disclosures page for important information on suggested careers.

Who Should Enroll

Whether you are already working in the healthcare field, looking to transition into a leadership role in the medical field, have a liberal arts or social services background or just want to advance your career with new credentials on your resume, a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration: Strategic Leadership - positions you to meet the growing demand for healthcare experts.