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Gerontology Graduate Program Curriculum

This degree requires a total of 36 graduate credit hours. In order to obtain a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, students must complete all core courses listed below plus, a three course specialization track.

Program Credits
Core Courses 27
Specialization Courses 9
Total 36

Core Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
HMP 501 Understanding Health Care Organizations 3
HMP 510 Project Management 3
HMP 520 Financial Management 3
HMP 640 Quality Health Care Management 3
HMP 650 Managing People and Human Resources 3
HMP 662 Health in the Community 3
HMP 670 Legal Issues and Compliance in Health Care 3
HMP 671 Ethics in Health Care 3
HMP 675 Organizational and Government Policy in Health Care 3
  Total General Core Credits 27

Specialization Courses

Students must choose one three course specialization track totaling nine credit hours. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (B) in all graduate work.

Gerontology Specialization (Choose 3)

Course Number Course Title Credits
HMP 664 Financial and Economic Aspects of Aging 3
HMP 665 Managing Elder Facilities 3
HMP 668 Elder Law 3
HMP 667 Aging Process and Interventions 3

Note: All courses are subject to change.