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Faculty - Master's in Healthcare Administration Program

James F. Moore

James F. Moore Faculty Bio - Valparaiso University

James Moore is Professor of Theology at Valparaiso University. He also serves as the Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Valparaiso University – Chicago. In addition to his interest in and many courses related to applied ethics, Moore has strong background in exploring connections among religion/theology, science, and social victimization. He is book review editor for the Zygon Journal of Religion and Science and author of numerous publications related to these topics. He is on the editorial board of the Studies in the Shoah series of the University Press of America and the advisory board of the Wyman Institute. His essay, "Cosmology and Theology: The Re-Emergence of Patriarchy," in Zygon, December 1995, won the 1996 Templeton award for best essay in theology and science.  He also contributed the article on HIV/AIDS and Religion for Religion Past and Present: an Encyclopedia of Theology, Bible and Religious Studies and has recently contributed an article on Christianity and violence for the Encyclopedia of Religion and Violence published in 2011.