Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Don’t React to Healthcare Policy – Help Define It

If you’re ready to lead the change in healthcare, you have to be involved in policy – not just management or implementation. At Valpo you’ll learn how to apply business principles and best practices within healthcare organizations, while understanding the legal and ethical policy aspects of healthcare. Help be the change to better patient care in the delivery of healthcare services with an MSHCA – 100% online – with four distinctive specializations:

Learn about issues related to healthcare administration. Strengthen your understanding of complex business, management, and policy issues, with a focus on leadership and clinical process improvement.

Understand how data helps drive the decision making process. Learn how to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of data and information in the health and biomedical fields.

Step into the fascinating world of forensic health. You’ll learn about evidence collection and preservation and focus on issues surrounding health, injury, disease, trauma, and death investigation. Includes discussion of legal and medical issues.

As the elderly population grows, so do your opportunities in this rewarding field. You’ll explore the physical, mental and social changes in people as they age. You’ll also study societal influences on how people age, and how this knowledge applies to policies and programs.